Support for Rep. Onishi campaign sought

Dear Supporters,

I would like to thank you for all of your support the last couple of years and for giving me the privilege of serving the people of our island and our state. It is an honor I have taken very seriously and I have put all my efforts into making sure I have represented you.

Time has quickly passed and I am running for re-election this year. I will be facing two opponents in the General Election. Even if I don’t have a Primary Election opponent, I have begun campaigning and am asking for your support.

The Campaign Committee is updating our supporters’ file and would appreciate it if you could please complete the form below (copy and paste) and email it to

Thank you again for your past support and I hope I can count on you in my bid for re-election.




First Name: _______________       Last Name: _______________       M.I.: _____

Spouse Name: ___________________________

Children Names: ___________________________

Address: _________________________________      City: ________________

Zip Code: _______________

Email: ___________________________

Home Phone: _________     Cell Phone: __________

Please Contact Me to Help With:  (please place an “x” in the /   / and copy and paste and e-mail to

/  / Putting a banner or lawn signs in my yard

/  /  Helping to solicit persons to put a banner or lawn signs in their yard

/  /  Using my name & picture for endorsement of Richard (individual or family)

/  / Volunteering to participate in Mass Canvassing (walking House to House)

/  / Volunteering to participate in phone banking (calling supporters and/or voters)

/  /  Volunteering to participate in sending Friend to Friend cards

/  / Volunteering to participate in walking in parades

/  /Volunteering to help with fundraising events (registration, serving food, setup, cleanup, etc.)

/  / Volunteering to help with Family Day events


Contributions to the campaign can be made out to Friends for Richard Onishi, and sent to:

Friends for Richard Onishi; 2040 Ainaola Place; Hilo, HI; 96720.