2018 Legislative Session Underway

Welcome to the 2018 Legislative Session

Representative Onishi welcomes everyone to a new 2018 Session. We are looking forward to this 2nd biennial legislative year to pursue many of our goals to benefit the District 3 and State of Hawaii. The continued work of supporting the revitalization of the Banyan Drive area is a top priority, as well the procurement of funding to help facilitate better communications between the different enforcement and police agencies that help to combat crime. As the chair of the Tourism Committee there are many issues, including the continuing discussion on short term rentals.

The Representative welcomes all those who would like to voice the opinion to call, stop in, and be heard in this new legislative session.

2018 New Legislative Session:

Rep Richard Onishi
House District 3
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 441
phone: 808-586-6120
fax: 808-586-6121